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    Machine & Tool Products Canada

    Custom Manufacturer of Quality Heavy Duty Steel and Processing Equipment
    707 Drake Street, Oshawa, Ontario
    Tel: 905.576.1807 | Fax: 905.576.1928

    About our Company:

    Machine & Tool Products has been supplying multinational corporations with quality custom machine parts for over 40 years. We work efficiently with our customers to establish best practices during the manufacturing process to ensure both a high quality product and one that is manufactured at a reasonable cost.

    Our Capabilities:

    With 30,000 square feet of manufacturing area MTP is able to take on you your smallest and largest projects. Lifting capacities are 20 ton and our three large horizontal boring mills are able to accommodate large structures. We also have an assortment of CNC and conventional , lathes, milling machines, drills and surface grinders to fully meet your requirements.

    We offer complete fabrication and assembly within our facility. Being located in Southern Ontario we have access to heat treating, stress relieving, galvanizing, gear cutting, engineering and any other processes that may be required to complete your project.

    Steel Industry Components:

    Shear blades, rolling mills, labyrinth and flinger rings, chocks, straighteners, carriers, run out tables, oscillators, looping tables, housings, tundishes, casters, mold housings and many other parts and tooling for them.

    Serving Various Industries:

    MTP also provides specialized custom equipment to the Telecommunications Industry, The Automotive Industry and various others.
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